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An Overview of Setup and File Structure

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Getting Started

As a static site generator, Jekyll gives us the ability to take text written in a markup language and insert that content into pre-defined layouts to be displayed in a browser. This is great for simple sites that don’t require a backend or database.

Jekyll is written in Ruby, so…

Creating Virtual References within Database Schema

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A Space Limitation Solution

Mongo DB stores document-based records as BSON objects. These objects have the same format as JSON objects but include some additional information in a richer format. Persisted documents can only hold a maximum of 16 megabytes.

Due to this limitation, it’s best to be mindful of the data that is…

Introduction to Creating and Running Containerized Programs

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What Is Docker?

If you’re dipping your toes in the world of DevOps or Cybersecurity, it won’t be long before you start discovering some chatter about Docker, Kubernetes and, containerization. These topics can seem pretty complex and to be honest, they kind of are. …

Graphics That Offer Clarity

Scalable Vector Graphics

If you’re new to web development, opening up an SVG file for the first time can be a little overwhelming. Why is it so huge? What are all of these foreign attributes? Why does it not respond to CSS styling in the same way other image…

Toggling Classes to Uncover Secret Elements

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When you want to hide something… but show it sometimes

This article was inspired by Codepen’s recent weekly code challenge. The theme for their code challenges for this month was micro-interactions. There are many situations where you might want to hide and later reveal an element on the DOM based on user actions.


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