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Celebrating the Trail-blazers Before Us

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Thankfully, these days you don’t have to look too far to find women working in STEM-based positions. Opportunities for people of all sexes, races, and backgrounds started rising just over ten years ago. With slow yet steady progress, we are beginning to see the benefits of utilizing all kinds of minds to solve our most complex problems. Unsurprisingly, there were many ground-breaking contributions to technology as we know it that were not properly accredited to the women that made them. In fact, ‘computing’ was first known as a ‘woman’s job’. Check out this article from 1967 as proof! It’s so…

…and their many uses

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photo from Alina Grubnyak on Unsplash

In order to really understand graph data structures, I highly recommend taking the time to learn about nodes, linked lists, and trees first. If you haven’t read up on these things, consider saving this post and coming back to it later. Otherwise, stick with me, and let’s get into it!

When most people think of a graph we see something like this in our mind’s eye….

JavaScript, React, Redux

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Photo by Samara Doole on Unsplash

Pure functions are highly favored as building blocks in functional programming due to their predictability and potential for being reused.

There are a couple of characteristics that define a function as ‘pure’.

  1. If given the same input, you will get the same output.
  2. No side-effects.

We can pass an argument to a pure function and know that no matter how many times we run that piece of code, we will get the same result.
Check out this example below. No matter what we assign x to, we will get x squared back.

function getSquare(x) {
return x * x;

Know what you’re working with and how to define it

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image from Stackify

One of the largely misunderstood fundamental concepts of JavaScript is the ‘this’ keyword. While we can write JS code without this knowledge, getting some clarity here can lead to a greater understanding of the language itself and may even reduce mysterious bugs!

First, we need to know a little about Execution Context. To put it simply, . Obviously, things would get really ugly if all of our code was called at the same time. There must be an order and that order is handled via the Execution Context. …

Big O Notation for Beginners

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Photo by Pixabay

Put simply, algorithms are a way of solving a class of problems. They are a ‘finite sequence’ made to work with any programming language. Think of these as instructions, just like a recipe! It includes step-by-step directions that can be applied to return the desired result. Since all programming languages, share some commonalities such as loops and conditional statements, we can apply these to any programming language.

It’s not okay to assume that your algorithm is acceptable, just because it’s working. That’s only one part of the problem-solving process. It’s best practice for programmers to refactor their work. We must…

A Brief Introduction to Object-Orientation

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Photo by from Pexels

Even if you’ve never heard of object-orientation, I’m sure you have heard of the term ‘abstraction’. Today, I want to share some insights on what these terms mean in the world of programming and how we use them as tools to make our code both beautifully simplistic and effective.

Journey to Becoming a Software Engineer

A woman with overlapping lines of programming code
A woman with overlapping lines of programming code
Photo by ThisIsEngineering on

After about a hundred hours of prep work, quitting my day job, and setting up a home office, I was feeling very much ready to begin on this 15-week journey. Little did I know I would wake up with some kind of God-forsaken stomach sickness that left me extremely grateful that I am taking this course remotely. However, I wasn’t going to let that ruin this pivotal moment of my life.

Class Start — 9 A.M.

I crawled over to my laptop and jumped on a Zoom meeting where I was greeted by the friendly faces of my cohort-mates, campus coordinators, and instructors. During orientation…

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